Modernization Theory

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The multifaceted concept of development, is one which is elusive and almost unattainable. This is because there is not one way to view the ideal as such development has no set definition. One thing that is certain for development is that it is a move forward. For the sake of this essay a layman’s view will be applied to the term and development will be discussed as the process in which someone or something grows and becomes more advanced. It has been posited that to be characterized as developed another concept, that is of utmost importance to this paper, must be obtained, that is modernization. In a mutable world of the post war era of 1945, the modernization approach emerged as a macro theory outlining the way to development. This essay will…show more content…
The theorist linked modernization to industrialization claiming that “Modernization is a syndrome of social changes linked with industrialization” for them modernization is not a simple concept. They believe the conditions conducive to modernization advances the democracy they argued that societies need to attain. While these theories are clever in their own sense they are not effective revisions to the original theory. Inglehart and Welzel theory is a proposition or a conceptualization of modernization in a new way. They too like Rostow, conceived their theory without considering the historical nature of different societies. They did not account for colonialism and how it impedes the Caribbean’s ability to simply alter its beliefs and value systems. History counts in shaping a countries position and the Caribbean’s colonial history is never a factor that has made change for the Caribbean easy. Democracy cannot be implanted, these theories assume that democracy is something that is easily achieved. It also does not account for the fact that industrialization might not have affected all societies the same. Additionally as a revision to a theory the new theories on modernization is not nuanced enough. It does not examine the faults of the original theory and address of the faults can be fixed. The “hush…show more content…
Marx prophecy of a proletariat revolution is yet to be fulfilled, after all slavery and colonialism did not leave very trusting societies, to trust the government to take care of them. Rostows theory of modernization is just that for some nations a “theory” something of the literatures only and not practicable. The theory is western in its nature which is a fault the revisionists theorists failed to alleviate the theory of. Their approach to modernization looked at modernization through different lenses but did not exactly address the original theory. Their new view like the old remains westernized and the term modernization remains synonymous with

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