Modernization Theory In Jordan

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Why we can’t apply Modernization Theory in Jordan?
The major challenges that Jordan is facing are the limited recourses specially water and the unemployment’s, and both of them effect the economics of Jordan. The government try to solve some of these problems by privatization, but did that really solve the problem? Or did that solve the problem of unemployment? Modernization have some gaps that makes it inapplicable for Jordan here I will discuss the following to show why it’s a problematic for Jordan : a) The open market for investment and privatization did not improve the economic in Jordan, b) The external factors and the population growth as Jordan in the middle of a conflict zone.
Here in this essay I will give a background
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Jordan's lack of arable land and insufficient supplies of water means that agriculture is mostly a non-relevant sector and that the country invests heavily in water recycling. Jordan’s economy is highly influenced by the state. Jordan’s economy is among the smallest in the Middle East, with insufficient supplies of water, oil, and other natural resources, underlying the government's heavy reliance on foreign assistance. Other economic challenges for the government include chronic high rates of poverty, unemployment, inflation, and a large budget…show more content…
What Modernization Theory basically says:” if you want to develop, be like us (the West).” Which mean that undeveloped county have to fallow the stages of development as the develop country. These stages are : 1)traditional societies with limited production functions ,2)preconditions for takeoff which is to start use modern science in production,3)Takeoff which mean increase investment rose from 5% of national income to 10%, 4) The drive toward maturity this will be About 60 years after take-off, a society attained maturity in this stage ,10–20% of the national income came to be reinvested in the economy, and growth outstripped any increase in population (that is, productivity per capita increased). And the final stage 5) High mass consumption, where the leading Industrial sectors became durable consumer goods and services, welfare in the

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