Modesty In American Beauty

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“Modesty is generally considered to be an important virtue” stated Ben-Ze’ew (1993). Modesty is a topic that has been talked about and revised time and time again for many centuries now. Modesty is commonly associated with the way a woman dresses, however, modesty also deals with how men dress too. The meaning of the word modesty has changed over time due to the fact that society, for the most part, has changed the way they view clothing as appropriate and people who wear the clothes has become less cautious of the way the clothes are changed. The way Americans dress has been altered by a significant amount since our ancestors were alive. Outfits have become more and more revealing, causing the definition of modesty to change drastically. Modesty, in appearance is “an avoidance of sexual attention” stated Thomas (1899). In 1899, when W.I. Thomas wrote this statement, modesty was said to be the “proper” way to dress to avoid any kind of sexual attention, however, here recently, people think of modesty as that as long as too much is not shown, then everything is alright with the world. What is considered to be too much? Who determines this? Modesty is a term that has a different meaning to each person asked. Each person has to determine what modesty means and how it will be put into action. Modesty does not only try to avoid the sexual or lustful feelings towards a person, but it also tries to avoid any flamboyant attire as well. Modesty makes sure

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