Modified Food Lab Report

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In this lab, we separated into individual groups to create our modified recipes. We each had two hours, and our ingredients premeasured, allowing for a quick start to our cooking process. Each kitchen had to change a recipe to have a lower fat content as well as, sodium, sugar, carbohydrates or another healthy alternative. After a brief discussion, we began cooking our modified recipes. The recipe I chose to modify was biscuits and cocoa gravy, a sweet treat that is high in sugar content but very filling. Beginning with the biscuits, I preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees; I poured five cups of self rising flour and a cup of dehydrated rehydrated milk, and half a cup of skim milk into a bowl. Mixing by hand, after I floured my hands to prevent sticking, I added another half cup of skim milk into the bowl. With the biscuits mixed and formed into a ball, I pour olive oil into my cake pan to prevent the biscuits from sticking to the pan. Forcing the dough into small…show more content…
The gravy took five cups of skim milk on medium heat coming to a low boil, while that is slowly boiling, I combined four cups of splenda, three heaping table spoons of cocoa powder and cornstarch into a bowl and mixed until there were no lumps. Once the milk reached a low boil, I poured half the milk into the bowl of dry ingredients and stirred until thoroughly mixed. Next, I poured the bowl of chocolate milk back into the pot and whisked on medium heat, continually stirring to allow for an even mixture. Unfortunately, this recipe did not turn out very well, it took more corn starch to cause it to thicken up; the splenda caused the gravy to taste very different and left a very strange after taste. This recipe would be good for a diabetic individual, but I personally did not care for the
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