Imitated Products: Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior

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Imitated Products: Factors influencing consumer behaviour

India is a major market for the various brands - domestic and International. Hence, there are high possibilities that these well established brands are imitated by the local manufacturers to maximise sales and attract consumers belonging to a particular socio-economic class from the society. In the present paper, an attempt has been made to analyse the products that are imitated and also to understand the preferences and choices made by consumers.
Keywords: Imitated products, manufacturers, consumer behaviour.

Introduction & Review of literature:

Consumers make conscious decisions to spend their available resources (time, effort, money) on consumption-related items.
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The personal consumer buys goods and services for his or her own use, for the use of the household, or as a gift for a friend. The second category of consumer – the organizational consumer – includes profit and non-profit businesses, government agencies (local, state, and national), and institutions and organizations.

Big brands demand high profile branding and surely this has certainly given rise to spill-offs. The presence of imitated brands is felt in every consumer market. The consumer makes a conscious choice based on his or her preferences and purchasing power. Many consumers purchase products with little or no consideration to the brand. The misleading packaging by the marketers compel consumers to purchase deceptive products as the label or the packaging has been imitated.

Although this promises to be a wide area of research for a huge market like India, there haven’t been many studies undertaken to understand consumer behavior towards imitated products. Several studies analyze various imitated brands while there are some that also explore the reasons why companies copy
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In the second part, an analysis was made through various questions from the questionnaire to determine if there was any significant reason to purchase imitated products.
Most people have noticed products that have been imitated in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods category which includes Chocolates, chips, beverages, biscuits and also in textiles. Well known sports brands such as Nike, Adidas are the commonly noticed brands which have been imitated by marketers. There is also a substantial amount of imitation in the electronics sector and computer peripherals. Though a consumer who is an economic man taking rational decisions, there is a majority which purchases perishable goods that have been imitated for immediate consumption.
Though the market has ample imitated products to offer, most people agreed that depending upon the type of product, they would prefer it to the original. Whereas, a number of people said that they would not prefer an imitated product for an original. The foremost reasons for purchasing imitated products were because they are cheaper than the original, had value for money and had similar packaging but, they disagreed with the fact that they were better than the original and that they are similar in

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