Module 4: General Nursing Process

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CONCEPT 4: NURSING PROCESS This concept is taken from module 4 of block 7 entitled “General Nursing”.
4.1. Significance of the Concept Nursing Process is an orderly, systematic manner of determining the clients problems, making plans to solve them, initiating the plan or assigning others to implement it, and evaluating the extent to which the plan was effective in resolving the problems identified (Dougherty and Lister, 2014). Nursing Process is the framework for providing professional, quality nursing care. It directs nursing activities for health promotion, health protection and disease prevention and is used by nurses in every practice setting and specialty. Nursing process provides the basis for critical thinking in nursing. In very
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It is basically the scientific method of problem solving applied to nursing in order to achieve a maximum level of change towards the expected health outcome. It is grounded in a holistic framework which offers the potentials for advancing nursing practice because it provides a frame of reference, centered around the client and family or community to describe, explain, predict and control the outcomes of clients’ care. It restores nursing to its primary commitment, that is, delivering care to people on a one-to-one basis and thereby eliminating the present tendency to relinquish this overall function to those who are not prepared to fulfill it. Nursing process promotes consumer satisfaction. By making the client the undisputed focus of the endeavor, a nurse brings forth a one-to-one relationship in which the client is an active partner and participant in crucial decision making. It provides a means of assessing nursing’s economic contribution to the totality of client care. Because evaluation is an integral component of the nursing process, both the effectiveness and the amount of nursing performance can be determined and economically valued. It enables the nurse to realize her potential as an independent decision maker who has command over competencies, which before now were not used in carrying out predominantly assistance-type…show more content…
Current Research The term “Nursing Process” came to the UK in the 1970’s and came to be understood as: a form of documentation, as a means of organizing work that is patient allocation or primary nursing, as an educational tool to help achieve patient centered nursing and as a philosophy to help nursing attain professional status by offering an alternative to the medical model. According to Nwonu (2012) when nursing process is used as a tool for patient care, it fulfills the purposes of nursing which include the following;
• Maintaining the client’s

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