Module 5: A Short Story

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Henry asks: ‘David, I want to check out the Malay Peninsula down there, to find out what 's going on and see if there 's any clue on the hot spots, may be take some footage as a reference for Chris. It 's gonna be a global scale.’ David says: ‘See nine o 'clock? there 're fifty high speed Mikoyan MiG-1200 from Burma reaching this area. Why do we 've to take the risk?’ Henry says: ‘as their old attitude they 'll not necessarily share the information with us. Just search for a few minutes, ok?’ David says: ‘Oh... ok! Just a few minutes. So where do we start?’ Henry says: ‘we 're over the Andaman Sea, when we reached Nakhon Pathom (nakhon means province) we turn right to south all the way down to Yala Province, go through Malaysia and come out over Singapore, then turn left heading east to Vanino.’ David says: ‘Ok man. Look, they turn southeast to Thailand,…show more content…
On Nakhon Pathom Sam Phran Elephant Ground Zoo, tens of elephants fled from there and run on the streets. Perhaps of the cold weather, their back covered with the blankets which have the zoo logo. Henry asks David: ‘were they frightened by our crafts?’ David says: ‘hell knows.’ Gary at the end fort says: ‘I saw them running before we lowered our altitude, maybe they aware of something, animals know much earlier than human.’ David says: ‘so we 've to turn around and trace from the elephant source?’ Henry says: ‘agree.’ They tilt and turn back towards the zoo direction. Byko asks: ‘why you guys turn back?’ David says: ‘the area around the zoo may have some clue.’ Byko says to his own team: ‘ok boys, spend three planes continue scout the south direction, the others split two groups left and right heading to the zoo. Twenty minutes we meet at Bangkok sky.’ So seventeen Russian planes also make u-turn to head back north direction, the other three Russian plane heading south to search. On the way they found the previous attacked area, charred bodies everywhere, multiple casualties. The houses, temples
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