Module 7 Body Political Analysis

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Module 7 was about Body Politics, basically what a person can and cannot do and also if it is supported by the law and different groups. Body Politics has to do with how the body is expressed and used. Humans naturally want to impress other humans, and women a majority of the time want to be beautiful. The definition of beauty to a group is also apart of Body Politics. Different countries see certain characteristics in all sorts of ways. In America the “perfect girl” nowadays has a big butt and breasts. However, in Asia it is all about the skin tone and face. The way the body is used is also involved, which includes domestic violence and rape. The two different aspects of the module that stood out to me were about beauty and rape. I discovered …show more content…

I believe that anyone can do whatever they want with their own body. It still shocks me to discover how much effort some women put in just to be accepted, then again the same process still occurs today in our society, but in different methods. The other aspect that got my attention was about rape. I believe that rape does not get the attention it deserves. Rape was not taken as a serious crime by the law, until recently. Rape is apart of Body Politics because it is about forcing one’s body into unwanted sexual activity. (Against the body) While reading the module I thought about the common knowledge and stereotypes of rape. In most cases portrayed in the media throughout history, it has always been a male raping a female. The idea of a woman raping a man is a joke to most people, but it is serious. Rape was very common in the past because with birth control becoming more popular and more sexual activity around the wartime, sex was everywhere whether one wanted it or not. Beauty and Rape were the two most significant sections to me because following how the two were looked upon in the past greatly shaped the two in the

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