Global Supply Chain Analysis

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Video one illustrates the importance of supply chain managers and their skill sets in our modern global economy for both manufacturing and service industries. Here the speaker stated that the product cost does not equal to the material cost; and that supply chain make things move, sell, and service it; it can also be used to manufacture service experiences as the same they do in manufacturing product. The video also hopes to encourage children about the opportunities available to those with supply chain management degrees. Module two explains the critical role supply management plays in producing high quality products and services. For a better understanding, supply chain management can be also call the management of the chain of supply. To…show more content…
Supply chain change because those services buy, make, move, sell, and service change, also, they are interdependent. Modern new organization have adopted a model integrated supply chain approach. They need to develop a philosophies that would help the work as cooperative and coordinated teams; they need to understand the importance of finance, money, accounting, and information technology because material, money and information are the life of modern supply chain. Video seven is about global supply chain. Global supply chain management are important to facilitate and manage offshoring projects. In order to create a high quality product we need an excellent manufacturing facility because it is the heart of any organization. Furthermore, supply chain manager would need to have a comprehension on cultures, regulations, currencies, technology infrastructure and resource available at the global level in order to better manage. Module eight is about socially responsible supply chain management. Global supply chain is the one that hole the key to solve problem in the businesses. Companies that develop the most advance sustainable business practice can use their righteousness as a competitive weapon by lobbying the government. That opportunity would be benefit to the companies, communities, environment, and customers; this can help understand why we always say supply chain manager is the key to a better…show more content…
The strength of the supply chain can only be proved through performance measurement. Those performances are demonstrate by the supply chain managers through positive outcomes and repetitive improvement quantitatively. Supply chain manager must mix quantitative skill, psychological understanding, and operational knowledge to develop the right performance measurement tools and system so the company can achieve its own unit set of goal. Module eleven is about quality management. We all know that the objective of a supply chain is to produce a high quality product and services on a consistent basis. Managing quality is very challenging. What customers always desire is excellence design, flawless manufacturing, quick delivery, and seamless transaction. To conclude customers demand eternal perfection. Module twelve is about supply chain and information technology. Information technology is required to help our supply chains efficiently perform at peak levels. It is the one that made the supply chain global and integrated. Supply chain expect their system to help research and analysis, planning and scheduling, purchasing, networking, and relationship management. In the supply chain managing resources, operations, logistics, and customers require access to data and information that only technology can

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