Mohandas Gandhi: India's Peaceful Leader

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Mohandas Gandhi

India’s Peaceful Leader

Peaceful, nonviolent, or leader are three words people often think of in connection with Mohandas Gandhi. Many people know him as a random Indian citizen who fought for Indian independence. Mohandas Gandhi changed the world by showing people to use nonviolence to win something, and by being a peaceful protester. He left a legacy, remembered as India’s peaceful leader. Mohandas Gandhi inspired the world by showing his non violence to the world. “Gandhi’s actions inspired others like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela”( Gandhi once said,”Nonviolence is the first article of my faith. It is also my last faith.” He only believed in nonviolence, never violence. “His belief in simple living gave people a beacon of hope”( “Gandhi showed the world that to be able to win something it does not need to be violent”(Williams He truly inspired the world with his nonviolent actions. Lots of things were happening around the world during Gandhi’s time of leading India. “By the end of 1921 some 30,000 protesters were behind bars in Indian jails”(Furbee 42). The British were not liking the protesters fighting back, because they knew that they could win Independence if they gained too much power. “In 1947 when India won Independence, the countries split into India and Pakistan”(Sarin 26). Lots of things were happening in the world in the time of Gandhi’s leadership. During Mohandas Gandhi’s early

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