Mohawk Tribe Essay

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In the late 1500’s, the five tribes Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca joined together to form Iroquois Confederacy. Before uniting they had been fighting with each other, a man from Huron tribe(the peacemaker) set out to end this war. The offer of peace was first accepted by the woman and this is how clan mother came to be the head of the family. These five tribes called themselves Haudenosaunee, meaning people of the longhouse. In 1723, the six nation Tuscarora joined the Iroquois Confederacy. Through peace they became united and strong. The language spoken by the people of six nation was similar enough. Although, there was no written language at that time so everything was passed orally from generation to generation. In mid 1800’s a man named Asher Wright gave the language a written version in English alphabets. Later in 1900’s the proper dictionary and text were…show more content…
Meat of deer, rabbit were also eaten by them after hunting. As men used to go for hunting and women used to farm and craft. They dressed themselves warm, cape like cloths and leggings. The basic clothing for men was breechcloth made of deerskin or fabric and women’s basic clothing were short petticoat. To treat the illness or disease they used to take herbs or natural ointment. The wooden ‘courting flute’ with six finger stops blown from the end used as an instrument for ceremonial dancing and singing. The annual cycle consists of six regular festivals. When the Europeans arrived in New York the lives of Iroquois had changed. Europeans took most of their lands. Iroquois primary hunting weapon were bows and arrows tipped with flint or bone. They fought to protect themselves and for their land. Iroquois Confederacy played an important role in American history as they struggled between French and Europeans for North America. They still do the conferences. They have the reservations in New York and Wisconsin and some reservations in Canada as
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