Mohawk Valley Endoscopy Center Case Study

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Most healthcare facilities have been fitted with the necessary equipment for performing various operations to the patients. Ambulatory amenities have featured basic necessities in different institutions making them outstanding in their services. This is the situation that is prevalent at Mohawk Valley Endoscopy Center (MVEC) which deals with surgical operations. This health facility has been lucky to receive a re-accreditation by AAAHC due to their commitment to offering the patients quality care. The mission of this center continues to be the provision of quality healthcare services to the patients at all times. They have fulfilled this purpose by being the most recognized and equipped health facility in the region. MVEC harbors various healthcare…show more content…
The members of the organizational leadership board form a concrete platform of expertise and influence. The group of leaders is involved in coming up with necessary rules and regulations to help govern the medical activities as well as ensuring that there is order in the facility. Healthcare needs to have a way of handling issues as they appear in order to minimize assumptions which might cost the institution dearly. Therefore, the organizational structure is a critical part of the healthcare…show more content…
This is a group of highly qualified and trained people who are selected to act on behalf of the whole institution in terms of making critical decisions. They also ensure that the matters affecting or promoting the operations and working conditions of the employees are polished. The board of directors in a healthcare institution ensures that there is order in the way activities are carried out. It also deals with suggestions on improvement forwarded from various quarters of the institution. Therefore, any accredited healthcare institution should have a board of

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