Moira Kelly And Audrey Hepburn: My Heroines: What Makes A Hero

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What is a hero? What makes a person a hero? Is my hero everyone’s hero? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word hero is defined as “A man (or occas. a woman) generally admired or acclaimed for great qualities or achievements in any field” (Pearsall et al., 2014, parp. 3b). I think a hero or heroine is an individual who is caring, inspiring, selfless and who make a difference and sacrifices their time to someone else. However, the person that I call my hero does not have to be everyone’s hero, because everyone has their own personal preferences, values and opinions. Moira Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are my heroines, but I think Hepburn was more inspirational in bringing about change to the world. Due to many causes, Moira Kelly, an Australian humanitarian worker and ambassador for Carers Victoria, devoted her life to help the wounded and sick children in the world. The first reason, according to Kile is that as a child Kelly was influenced by Mother Teresa’s documentary, so she decided to be just like her when she grew up. Also, she used to help the special needs school next to her elementary school in the lunch break time. (2011). Second, with her special education teaching and skills, she wanted to expand her efforts in different places. According to Kile, Kelly went to aid and learns beside Mother Teresa to expand her services, which cost her car to buy the airfare to Calcutta, India (2011). Another cause is that she wanted to provide aid for children with

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