Molarity Of Potato Osmosis

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As can be seen from the graph above, the mass percentage difference decreases as molarity increases. In other words, the molarity and the mass percentage difference are inversely proportional. According to figure 2, the mass of the trial 1 potato which will be submerged in the sugar solution with a molarity of 0.0, is 0.49 grams. The same potato piece after being soaked for 24 hours in the sugar solution of molarity 0.0, is 0.69 grams. The mass of this particular potato piece has increased by 0.2 grams or 40.82%. This sugar solution had the highest water concentration and water potential because it was simply distilled water. Water potential is defined as free water molecules in a solution. In this cases all the water molecules
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Although the percentage difference has decreased to 10.42%, the difference is still positive as osmosis is still occurring. However, this time there isn’t a great difference between the water potential of the potato and the water potential of the solution. As a result the net movement of water molecules by osmosis is less, than that in the molarity of…show more content…
For example, the potato pieces were measured and cut using a standard ruler. As a result the length of the potato pieces were inaccurate by 0.1-0.2 cm. This could have caused misinterpretations and inconsistency in the data. Another limitation while conducting this experiment was that our working station and storage stations were different. As a result, once we finished working, we had to move the beakers containing the sugar solution and potato pieces to a secluded and secure location to avoid disturbance. However, this movement caused some of the potato pieces to move. This led to confusion, as we had laid on the potato pieces in a formation so that we would remember the mass of each. The movement caused some pieces to be misplaced, resulting in confusion and improvisation. These errors could possibly make the experiment unreliable, and the conclusion

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