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Dear Ms. DiLorenzo/ Ms. Beach 11/8/17

You never really know what could be going on under your nose. A girl named Molly Bigalow didn 't know either until one day some kids changed her life. I read Dead City by James Ponti. This is the first book in the Dead City series. In this book there are four kids who are a team of Omegas. What omegas do is keep Manhatten safe from the undead zombies that are living off of a rock under ground called the Manhattan Schist. Molly goes on an adventure around Manhattan trying to solve zombies related crimes while keeping her and her team safe. During her adventure she also is secretly finding out things about her mother who passed away from cancer. Molly learns lessons and finds her place as she runs
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This choice impacted to book by giving it a subplot. While the main focus is on the Omega team, Molly also goes out against Omega rule for personal issues.So while trying to solve a crimes with her Omega team she also end up getting small clues throughout that help her identify the man that traumatized her as a kid. On the bridge with Molly and Marek, Mollys late mother mother shows up out of nowhere, “Finally i 'm able to gather the strength to spea. But as i do the wind howls over me and I cannot be sure if she hears the single word i call out to her.
‘Mom!’” (Ponti 277) This is a very big plot twist to see that Molly 's mother is a zombie and to see how she just saved Mollys life. I recommend this to boys and girls around the age of 9 to 14. They are very entertaining books and they always keep you wanting to read more. They 're full of action, adventure and comedy and personally my favorite books. I say age 9 because, in the book they talk about a lot of death and killing so I think that nine is an appropriate age. I would give this a ten out of ten. Because I am a very big fan of zombies, also this is an easy book to read and it 's really entertaining. I feel like I can really relate to the characters in this, because alongside being zombie fighting omegas, they are teenagers. Your
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