Molly Burke We Day Speech

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“… I knew they were bullies. But as they invited me to go for a walk with them, I hoped they might really be my friends. A few minutes later, I found myself downhill, in the forest; I heard laughter, my crutches being broken against a tree, and them running away…I am blind. So there I was, alone,” Molly Burke’s speech at ‘We Day’, a celebration of youth in their local communities to inspire them to socialize and empower others. Molly Burke is a teen activist fighting for bullying to end. The quote above shows us that Molly Burke has felt the horrid pain of bullying and is now trying to stop it from happening to others. Imagine you were her, in the forest, how would you feel? About 20% of middle school students have been bullied and have felt the bad tortures of bullying.I believe that bullying has to…show more content…
Some people may think, what can we do to stop this from happening? You as a parent or teacher can. First of all, bullying can start at home. When your child is at home they can experience abuse which is soon brought to school. The parents should not let that happen. Second, the parents at home can encourage the child not to bully. This is because there are parents who don’t care. Third, teachers who are supervising should pay close attention by watching carefully and listening for any threats or signs of bullying. Fourth, the school could get security cameras to watch over isolated areas and all around the school. Fifth, there should be punishments such as suspension when caught bullying a couple of times, teaching the bully the consequences of their actions. Lessons could be given about the results of bullying. And finally, you as a student can help by mediating during a fight or ‘bully session’ to stop it. Or you can report the bullying to the school if you are afraid to handle
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