Molly Ivins Gets A Knife Get A Dog But Get Ride Of Guns Analysis

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“Get a Knife, Get a Dog, But get Ride of Guns” is an opinionated short story in which Molly Ivins, the author, presents a different point of view on guns. When Ivins is writing her opinionated short story, she is writing it in first person and how she strongly believes in gun control. Ivins ton comes off as concerned that the definition of the Second Amendment, which is one of the twenty-seven Amendment found in the US Constitution, is being stretched beyond its original intent. In her story Ivins talks about “Judicial doctrine of original intent”, she is referring to the original reasoning that the people who formed the constitution used to create the Amendments. A great example she used in her essay was “How do they know it was to dearest wish of Thomas Jefferson’s heart that teen-age drug dealers should cruise the cities of this nation perforating their fellow citizens with assault rifles? Channeling? (Ivins)”. Ivins provides multiple argument to support her reasoning, on gun control and how she believes in other forms of safety. First point she makes is “In the first place, you have catch up with…show more content…
Now in days, the training citizens use is shooting at the ground in random place of the city, not knowing how to properly use a gun. If citizens took the time to get educated and the proper training they would learn many things. For example, they would know how to properly hold a gun, what laws protect you in case someone is treating to hurt you, how to shoot someone, but without killing them and many other things. Like when we think about the Military, all those people are trained before they are put out in the fighting zone, so they know how to use the guns correctly and understand how powerful they aren’t. That guns are not a toy, but something that can
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