Moltor And Flurious: A Fictional Narrative

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Andrew Hartford has found the Corona Aurora crown, he also has released Moltor and Flurious. He decided to pick a team of special people to become rangers. The rangers had been fighting Moltor and Flurious for awhile now. Moltor has retuned to his volcano liar to fix his weather machine. He growled as he saw it spark. "Ah! What did you do to my weather machine. It was working perfectly, now I can 't control it" he said angrily as he shot a fire beam at the lava lizards. Flurious popped up on his lava communicator. "Trouble with your flamers" "Stay out of my business or your furry friend is next" Flurious chuckled and so did Norg. "Wait, me?" Norg ran away from the screen, but Flurious continued to chuckle. "Touchy Touchy" "Ugh" they communication…show more content…
"Why those meddling rangers..I was so close..the power was mine..and I lost it" "Haha" a voice laughed. "Oh brother when will you learn. You can 't combine human technology and alien technology unless you reconfigure it........I guess you were absent that day" "You may be smarter than me Flurious..but I 'm a warrior and when I find the jewels to the corona aurora I will become the most power being in the universe..and YOU..WILL kneel before me" "In your dreams brother..only in your dreams" Flurious said and he saw Esmeral. "Ah Esmeral..Good to see you again." "Nice to see you too Flurious" She said dully as she was not happy that he was upsetting Moltor. "Please do take care of my dear brother, we don 't want his liar to explode especially with that temper of his." He chuckled as the communication disappeared. "Why that.." "Moltor calm down, you 'll get another chance to stop the rangers. Besides you have the crown and if they get the jewels they won 't be able to do anything without the crown" "I guess your right" he said as she stood in front of him. "I know I am....Besides I 'm always right" she smirked. He grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap. "Well someone is cocky" he said as

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