Momary Dreams In The Divine Ryans

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In Wayne Johnston’s novel, The Divine Ryans the Momary dreams are significant because they represent much of what the novel is about. The dreams signify sexuality, secrecy, and Draper Doyle coming-of-age. Draper Doyle is visited by the ghost of his father and these visitations are always followed by the dreams of Momary. The connection between the ghost and the dreams signify Draper’s repressed memories. It is through these dreams that Draper is able to uncover those memories and ultimately save his family. In The Divine Ryans sexuality is illustrated as something to be ashamed of and even feared. This notion of sexual repression is represented through the Momary dreams. Draper Doyle uses descriptions such as “top-heavy, sewn together” (42), and “witch-like” (110), to…show more content…
In this novel the Momary dreams are symbolic of Draper Doyle’s coming-of-age. In the beginning of the novel Draper is seen running away from Momary covering himself. However, by the end of the novel he faces her uncovered and even chooses to kiss her. This act illustrates just how much Draper has changed over the course of the novel. The once scared and repressed young boy is now shown facing something that he had feared. Momary represent Draper’s mother and sister however, the line around her waist is symbolic of the transition from childhood to adulthood. In this novel Draper Doyle is seen talking to his manhood and he states that it looks like an “aged child” (49). This act of speaking to his manhood represents him speaking to himself and an aged child is just what Draper Doyle is. Draper once woke mid-pee from the Momary dreams but after the last dream he awakens to find that he has ejaculated signifying that Draper is maturing. After the last dream Draper is able to uncover his repressed memories and reveal the truth surrounding his father’s death. He is also able to confront his aunt and provide his family with
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