Moment Of Reflection In Social Media

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6 Am and I’m up, I lay on bed me for 30 minutes to pray and reflect. After this significant moment, I check the time and spend approximately 30 minutes scrolling on Facebook and WhatsApp. Afterwards I get ready for school doing the routine, eat, bath, brush teeth then change my clothes. I live approximately hour and half away from school so on my way to school, I either study or sleep. Upon reaching the school at 8:20 am, I make my way to class. By 8:28 am I am in class organizing myself for lecture, during this time I make a scroll on Facebook again to see what new feed I got and it takes 3 minutes. An hour later lecture has ended and I have an hour break before my next class starts, usually I go to the library to review or pre-read a lecture. However, before I start, I am back on Facebook for 10 minutes. The same process is repeat for my next two lectures where social media 203 is the only class I use my phone occasionally. (Joke) At this point, class has finished and I am having lunch with my friends before my big study session…show more content…
The question presented to me was “Are you over connected?” I do not think I am over connected. Because my time used for social media is to a minimum. I had moments to laugh, study, interaction physically with people more and just moments just for myself. Appreciation for the little time I have in 24 hours and how easily time flies when your head is down in a phone, tablet even if it is to research or to pass time. Social media have both pros and cons. With the advance in technology, the gap between long distance relationships are become none existence where communication is concern. This fast solidify my thought that Knowledge is at our fingertip but it what we do with it that makes the difference between a pro and a con. It is a choice whether we become addict, casually user or just observer on the social media
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