Momma Hume Alternate Ending

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Chapter One
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One cool summer morning Artemis was chasing down a hunter that was killing for sport when she stopped. She couldn’t move. She struggled trying to break free, but the restrictions were too strong. The chains rubbed her legs, leaving a patch of burning skin. “What god or goddess would dare do this to me? I am doing this for the good of all animals,” Artemis began, now boiling with fury. She was mumbling about how dumbfounded she was when Zeus appeared. “Hello Zeus!” she called, waving an outstretched arm. “What did I do to deserve a visit from you?”
“Artemis,” he said as he bowed his head. “I have
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Her only thought was to wait. Although she knew the animal’s time was probably up, she pushed the thought away beginning to hum a little tune. Then trotting over the hill she saw Momma Moose. “Momma, momma, momma!” she repeated calling out to Momma Moose. “Moo,” The sound was mellow and heartfelt. Momma Moose stopped directly in front of Artemis. She clenched the chains in her mouth and trudged forward. Her hooves turned up mud from the earth, but Artemis didn’t mind. The attempt failed. Artemis and Momma Moose hung their heads in defeat. Then, trying a new strategy Momma took the chains in her horns. Struggling to keep moving, she plowed on. The success was taken.

Artemis jogged up and gave Momma Moose a nice long scratch. Running her fingers through Momma Moose 's coarse hair, “Thanks Momma Moose,” she whispered. Chapter Three
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Artemis felt revenge, like a lump in her throat, she couldn’t get out. She hated what the hunter had done and she felt equally about Zeus. Plotting out what to do next she decided to take care of Zeus first. After all, he was the one who had stopped
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