Momma Raise A Quitter Analysis

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I witnessed a paradigm shift within a large portion of the University of Oregon’s student body, the day after the presidential election of Donald Trump. Glum faces covered in tears filled campus, as people acted as if their lives would be changed forever. An omnipresence of negative emotions enveloped campus and gave my fellow classmates a reason to protest and be immobilized from being productive.

As I went about my daily routine the day after the election, the words of my childhood hero Lance Armstrong rang through my ears, “Momma didn’t raise a quitter.” Regardless of who won the election, I knew that I would continue to work as hard as I can every single day, because I believe that slowing down and accepting failure are not viable options. While protesters marched and disrespected the democratic process, I continued to work diligently because I want to be successful, different, and positive. A few weeks into the future, the protesters presence faded from campus and nothing of true merit was accomplished.
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But, those that were overtly distraught made me realize that excuses brought forth by negative emotions, serve as an ineffectual method for achieving what you want in life. Therefore, I look to surround myself with people of higher educational standards that also believe in a mantra based upon actively practicing perseverance as a way to prevail throughout
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