Mommy And Grandma In The American Dream

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The American dream is a play that belongs to the theater of the absurd written by Edward Albee. This play shows the relationship within an American family composed of Mommy, Daddy, and grandma.
The play begins with Mommy and Daddy sitting in their apartment waiting for someone who is Mrs. Barker. The interference of Mrs. Barker and then the young man turned their lives upside down. Mrs. Barker job was to provide satisfaction for Mommy and Daddy. The young man was considered as a replacement for the first child that mommy and daddy mutilated.
This quote illustrates the falsity of the American dream and the status of the American family’s situations. This quote exemplifies the whole theme of the play, which is the replacement of the old, honest American Dream by a New American dream that is concerned only with materialism and consumerism. Actually, Albee’s characters like Mommy’s authoritative character that has no feelings and that is concerned only with materialism, and Mommy 's treatment of Grandma throughout the play highlights the abrupt insensitivity and selfishness of a society in which individuals are conditioned to think only of their own satisfaction. "I have the right to live off of you because I married you and because I used to let you get on top of me and bump your uglies; and I have a right to all your money when you die". In addition, she is very cruel and her cruelty could be illustrated by her mutilation for the little ‘’ bumble of joy’’ they adopted and
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