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A Mommy Makeover is a name that describes several cosmetic treatments and surgeries to help women regain their pre-pregnancy figure. There is no one-size-fits-all Mommy Makeover. The combination of procedures you have will depend on your issues. The main procedures focus on the breasts and abdomen, but there are several more from which to choose.

While the term Mommy Makeover may be relatively recent, the procedures involved have been done for years and have a good and safe success rate. You may consider a Mommy Makeover if you have finished having children and breastfeeding and have spent at least three months dieting and exercising to help strengthen and improve the appearance of your body. Diet and exercise alone may not give you the figure you want, but a Mommy Makeover may.
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Other cosmetic treatments that you could select are skin tightening, stretch mark eliminating and cellulite removing.

A tummy tuck restores firmness to the abdominal area and removes lose skin. It is usually accompanied by liposuction to remove any excess fat that you could not lose through diet and exercise. The muscles are tightened as much as possible so the results
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After breastfeeding, they may have lost volume and started sagging. This happened because of hormonal changes. There are two main types of breast enhancement, including breast augmentation and breast lift. Women who like the size of their breasts but would like them to sit a bit higher, a breast lift may be the right choice. However, if volume is lost and the breasts are sagging, augmentation with implants may be the best option. There is less scarring with implants than with a lift. After several pregnancies, both a breast lift and implants may be needed to return the breasts to their pre-pregnancy

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