Mommy Meldown Summary And Analysis

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Many people often believe disobedience will lead to a catastrophe and should be avoided. People are upset when others disobey the rules and think they should be punished. Monarchs have been known to either destroy someone's reputation or execute someone who doesn't obey them. Other people, such as Henry David Thoreau and Oscar Wilde, believe defiance can lead to improvements. It can lead to freedom or the creation of a new society. The outcome of disobedience is always unpredictable. Disobedience doesn't always lead to death or someone's independence. The consequence of disobedience is always uncertain and two examples of this are Shays’ Rebellion and Dance Moms. After the American Revolution people who had served as enlisted soldiers in the Revolutionary army were not being paid. There was an economic depression and those who were already poor were struggling the most. The state legislature increased taxes…show more content…
The Elite Competition team proves that sometimes disobedience can lead to success. Dance Moms is a television show about a group of dancers that learn a new dance every week and join different competitions. In the episode “Mommy Meltdown” the girls are going to compete in Arizona, the hometown of two elite dancers. Teacher Abby Lee Miller creates a lyrical dance for the mini group while she creates a comical routine titled “Sun City, AZ” where they would be acting as senior citizens and use walkers as props. The moms of the dancers believe the dance is offensive and tell Abby their daughters won't be doing the dance. In anger Abby refuses to help them create a new dance and tells them to create their own. They create a new dance last minute with the help of their assistant dance teacher Gianna. They win first place, make sure people know they created their own dance and prove to Abby they were right to change the
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