Moms Against Drunk Driving Swot Analysis

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Step 1: Gather Background Information
1.1. Background/ Why Problem Exists
Addiction has existed for hundreds of years. Drugs were not always frowned upon. In the 1800s, cocaine was thought to relieve illness. However, from the beginning to the middle of the 20th century, Americans were increasingly wary of such substances. The amendment allowing women the right to vote and a ban on alcohol passed around the same time.1 The Temperance Movement was created by women who wanted to save their husbands from the rampant alcohol abuse that was going on in the U.S. in the beginning of the 20th century. However, the period known as the banning of alcohol, Prohibition, failed in a few years due to corrupt officials, an increase in organized crime, and
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SWOT Analysis of Organization
The following is a SWOT analysis for MADD. The organization has key strengths. Moms Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was very successful in opening hundreds of chapters across the country. Sad mothers fueled by their passion to protect their children pushed Congress to pass strict laws on alcohol use.1 For instance, the drinking age was increased to 21, sobriety checkpoints were defined as constitutional, and a lower blood alcohol content was established in order to be able to drive. Traffic deaths related to alcohol were at their lowest in decades.
However, there are weaknesses. Traffic deaths from alcohol have remained relatively constant. Funding from the government has decreased in past years. The program that targets underage drinking has not reduced underage drinking. Most worrisome is that the victims that are counseled are a small fraction of those affected by drunk drivers. An opportunity that MADD has to connect with the public is its large number of volunteers who work with hundreds of offices established across the country.1,4 A threat faced by MADD is that people may assume that the organization is only run by mothers which questions the effectiveness of the
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Many adults who lose their loved one or their job find solace in alcohol or drugs. Before they know it, they are addicts. The most common addicts actually stem from teenagers who use drugs and alcohol.1 Studies show that girls are especially vulnerable to long-term addiction. Eating disorders, abusive relationships, and depression are much more common in women than in men which in turn increases the chance of addiction.1 However, both boys and girls use drugs, to a certain degree, in order to feel better, forget about their current situation, and to cope with changing
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