Mona Hayes True Crime

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True crime special: Why charming Melbourne con artist Mona Hayes was driven to kill INTRODUCTION Mona Hayes was a thief with swift case of murder. In the 1930s Mona Hayes was travelling with a fake identity. Mona Hayes was known as a theatre usher and known to be working with a bad company. Hayes was always found to be accompanied with cheats and thieves and when the company was going through financial occurrences they would use these clients as robbers or blackmail artists and that was according to the police departments. Mona Hayes attracted a lot of strangers to do anything for her with her engaging personality. The Hayes’ story has come to light with the Public Record Office Victoria’s recent opening of a series of state files. As Mona…show more content…
Men are always expecting women to be in the kitchen and men acting all manly. Putting a women down is not good because if once a women is risen from that putting down you’ve been doing you won’t be getting up after. Mona Hayes was later on released from jail in 1939. Mona Hayes ran into her ex Sharpe multiple times in public which always ended up in a sexual harassment. Some of the by standers had informed the police about it and she had been seen running away from all this violence. “She refused to go with him. He assaulted her, he pulled her out of the taxi and gave her a punch in the face. Sharpe had forced Mona Hayes for many things. He had forced her to live with him as husband and wife. Though he beat her up every day, a punch in the face, a scratch on her body and bruises. Sharpe was a very aggressive boyfriend Mona Hayes has ever had. Sharpe would threaten her and assault Mona Hayes and not caring about what effect this might have on the society. It was getting very rough Hayes did not like the way Sharpe treated her and wanted to get away from him. She was in a taxi that night she shot Sharpe and it was the end of it all. She did not feel guilty. Mona Hayes did not intent to shoot Sharpe but the way Sharpe had been treating Mona for the money was not justified. It was unfair, cruel and
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