Mona Lisa Cult Value

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Now is the time, I will no longer go hungry, for I will have more Ramen noodles than anyone can even dream of having. I have found the original Mona Lisa in a box along with one-hundred poster copies. I know that no one knows who Leonardo da Vinci is and no one has any idea how significant the Mona Lisa is, but I think that I can make them learn. The way to do this will be to make the Mona Lisa more valuable, in both cult value and exhibition value. The cult value of an object or artwork is based on its value in rituals of a cult [1]. While I do not plan on using the Mona Lisa for doing magic, I do need everyone to believe that I have something magical in order for me to gain an abundant enough audience. The way to achieving a sufficient cult value is making everyone believe that I have a piece of artwork that is special, something that could not be seen anywhere else. This creates the cult value of today in that it is more valuable because you can only see it at specific instances in time. Now, the easiest, and probably most efficient, way to do this is to talk up the Mona Lisa to those of a higher class social status because if they like it then they will tell everyone else about it.…show more content…
The way to getting this is to actually let people see the Mona Lisa. This, in fact, can be done in a few different ways, but all that matters is that people want to see it again. Of course, exhibition value will only increase if people enjoy the painting and want to tell their friends about it so that more people will recognize the composition of such a formerly well-known artwork. This value also thrives on everyone talking about how amazing the painting is in order for people to want to witness it. If no one appreciates the content of the Mona Lisa and her famous smile then there is no value in exhibiting
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