Mona Lisa Defamiliarization

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There are so many persons throughout the world that consider the Mona Lisa art piece to be an excellent representation of what ‘art’ really is. During the discussion of what makes this particular art piece so excellent, one might take into consideration the process of actually creating it. Not only does artists identify their work as art, but writers does as well and some of them also go to the extent of describing the different aspects of their work of art. This description is often achieved through the literary concept of ‘defamiliarization’. In this essay, the definition and a brief history of the concept ‘defamiliarization’ will be discussed, as well as the different interpretations of this concept. In the book, Theory into Practice: An Introduction to Literary Criticism by Ann B. Dobie, it is stated that the concept of defamiliarization “refer to the literary process that gives vitality to language that might otherwise be all too predictive.” This simply means that familiarity is made unfamiliar or strange, through the way the writer manipulatively writes. The concept of ‘defamiliarization’ first came into existence during the 1917 by a man by the name of Victor Shklovsky. Victor Shklovsky was one of the main persons involved in the Russian Formalist movement. In this movement one of the main focuses was on the way in which the writer artistically strategized and not the social, political, or historical characteristics of the work of art. The result of the
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