Monarchy In Malaysia Essay

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The institution of monarchy in Malaysia had undergone numerous changes and challenges. Absolute monarchy is history; the constitution transforms the institution into constitutional monarchy, meaning that rulers have to act on advice. Besides the traditional monarchy system, the constitution introduces an institution of elective monarchy, known as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA), whom is the supreme head of the Federation. He is appointed among the nine Malay Rulers for a period of five years. All nine rulers will have a chance to become the supreme head. Initially the selection is based on seniority, since all rulers had served as the YDPA; the order is now determined by the order of states who has been the YDPA. If the rulers a minor, he…show more content…
This can be seen in the action of the Sultan of Perak in his capacity as defender of the people refused the application of the coalition government to dissolve the legislature when the defection of three assemblymen causes the coalition to loss majority in the assembly. The role of the Monarch had always been regarded as ceremonial. This might be true prior to the 2008 election. Recently, there are instances when the monarch comes forward to assert their authority over the conduct of the executive or politicians. This was taken as an exercise of the monarchy rights which comprises of the right to give views and counsel, the right to encourage and motivate, and the right to remind and reprimand. The ruler also calls for the notion that ‘the Malay Rulers are just ceremonial emblems for official functions with no vested power’10 to be corrected. The new insight of the role of monarch is important since the institution can act as the balance wheel to the executive power. The monarch can be perceived as apolitical and has no inclination to any parties. The neutrality of the institution is portrayed when members of the legislature and executive have taken oath of office before the monarch. Thus they have to heed the monarch advice when he speaks. Besides caring for the stability of government, the monarch has to care for the people
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