What Will Happen When Monessa Is A Superhero

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What will happen when Monessa the superhero falls in love with JC of Manhattan? Will she still have her beloved powers or will they disappear for good? Monessa is a 17 year old girl. She just found out last year on her 16th birthday that she enables superpowers. Her superpowers are that she can fly, turn invisible, and she has super human strength. The only downfall about being a superhero with these amazing powers is that she can’t reveal to anyone that she has powers or she will lose them. So, she wears an all-black costume that covers her from head to toe. She has black heeled boots and is dressed in a skin tight black suit. Whenever people see her, they call her Batwoman. One day in school she sees the most handsome boy ever. What she doesn’t know is that this boy, JC of Manhattan, is going to take a big toll on Monessa and her powers.
On a very beautiful Monday morning, Monessa woke up for school with breakfast on the table made by her mother. Monessa and her little brother RJ walk to school every day because its only right down the road. When she got to school and went to her first class, she
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After a couple seconds, he told her that he loved her to and that he never wanted to lose her. Monessa gave up everything she had for love. The next day she realized that she had lost her powers. She later found out the gods didn’t let her keep her powers, because it wasn’t a good enough reason. The gods understood the meaning of loving someone as deeply as she did and that it will make you do crazy things just to keep them in your life but they decided no to let her keep her powers. JC and Monessa finished high school and graduated. They both moved in together in a little ranch house on the outside of Ohio. Then one day a huge dragon came out of nowhere and gobbled both Monessa and JC up. The dragon felt satisfied and outstanding, because it was Monessa’s arch enemy coming for revenge! The dragon lived happily ever
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