Money And Happiness In Purple Hibiscus

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MONEY AND SOCIAL POSITION DONT EQUAL HAPPINESS IN PURPLE HIBISCUS MAGAZINE ARTICLE I wrote this magazine article about the topic of money and happiness in the novel Purple Hibiscus for People´s Magazine in the states. It was written with a euphoric tone and hopes to address and adult audience interested in Nigerian literature. In my article I used direct language and formal expressions. I tried as well to use a sophisticated level of vocabulary with word choices like Nigerian words and names. Finally I tried to use complex structures like one might see in as higher level publication such as Jet set with sentences like “money and social position are good opportunities we have for happiness” and “they have to show to the rest of the world their power and perfection” . Using these elements I feel I reached my purpose set out in the task. This task addresses the theme of Happiness, money and social position . For this task I chose monthly magazine because I felt that in this…show more content…
Some would say that money and social position provide you with basic needs that are important for experiencing happiness, however, happiness is a complex emotion which is influenced by factors such as love, peace, and health, factors we cannot buy. This aspect is noticed in the novel Purple Hibiscus, written by the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, in which Kambili the younger daughter of Eugene and Beatrice, and I also found that . I found this novel in the library and what called my attention was the way that the complete story is told from the protagonist point of view, the second aspect was the terrible things she shows about her social life her family, specially her mother obedience and her father’s brutality and religious dogma until their visit to their cousins’ at Nsukka, where, surprisingly, to them life can be more cheerful and happy, even when they did not have too much
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