Love Of Money And Wealth In The Bible

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The Bible gives several examples of faithful men who were wealthy, such as Abraham, whom the Apostle Paul calls “The father of all those having faith.” Abraham was very wealthy, not stingy, nor overly attached to what he earned. Job was also a very wealthy man who was always ready to help the poor and afflicted. How can I forget King Solomon, a man who wasn’t only blessed with divine wisdom, but also with abundant riches and glory? Those people show us that you can be rich and still have faith and serve God at the same time by helping others in need.
From experience, I can say that the most serious danger is that of falling in love with money, and what you can do and purchase with it. Money and wealth generate an appetite in some people that is never satisfied (greed). When your love of money surpasses you or becomes the object of your affection rather than merely a means to do what you need to get done, take care of what you need to take care of or help those in need, you become exposed to all sorts of wrongdoings and
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Indeed, moral values, integrity, personality, and dignity are far more valuable than material riches for some, but it is imperative and essential to keep first things, first no matter what. Mankind’s efforts to build a truly prosperous yet moral society appear impossible; it has even repeatedly failed. However, our savior Jesus Christ has promised that his kingdom will provide anything and everything that our hearts desire; material and spiritual things that we need in order to live well. (Isaiah 65:21–23.) For those who know the Bible, know that it teaches us that true prosperity begins with spirituality. (Matthew 5:3.) So, therefore, whether we are materially rich or poor, now is the best way to go in order to be prepared for God’s new world, which is coming
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