Lives Of Country People Essay

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Money cannot buy happiness. People often debate about that statement and proper investigation need to be done in order to prove the significance. Various problems face the world namely; war, poverty, unemployment and economic crisis. Out of all tribulations faced by the globe, poverty can be regarded as a major liable factor affecting many youths. Poverty is pin out to be global accelerating burden out of all.
Poverty can be defined as a situation whereby people cannot afford to satisfy their basic needs due to limitation of resources. The essay will look at several factors attributed to the cause of poverty such as; not being educated loyalty, Government factors, structure of the society and Circumstantial issues. Various parameters about the causes and effect of poverty will be discussed. At the end solutions and recommendations to eradicate the phenomenon will be looked at.
Many developing countries are rated very poor because of their economic class and availabilities of educational facilities. Growing in poverty is a detrimental and worse situation. Sometimes people with power ensure that people remain poor so that they can provide the much needed labour. Such people are paid in kind by either being provided with items which lasts for a short
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Some country had war that shattered most development and shifted the budget allocation toward combating deficiency. These are a worse predicament as some people became disabling and some of the productive people lose their lives. The situation increase the level of poverty because disable people will need special consideration which will lead to the government adjusting its budget and priorities to cater for its entire people. Economic crisis also plays a key role in increasing poverty, this affect people directly because it leads to retrenchment and decrease in Gross Domestic

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