Money Dana Gioia Analysis

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The American Dream or the American Nightmare? The American Dream is the goal that makes Americans work hard while simultaneously making American’s feel stress out and depressed. But what makes this popular dream a living nightmare? The American Dream is defined as working hard in life to achieve success in America without worry. This worry comes as a highlight to many Americans who struggle to make a living and feel as if the dream isn’t achievable in their perspective. However, what qualifications does one need in order to make this dream a living reality? The American Dream is only accessible to those who work hard and to those who make a lot of money; the two concepts that highlight this point deal with labor and wealth. To begin with,…show more content…
Money is important because it allows individuals to have items needed to live the American Dream. In Dana Gioia’s poem “Money” he wrote about the meaning behind why money is important and how money is important in achieving the worry free aspect of the American Dream. “It greases the palm, feathers a nest, holds heads above water, makes both ends meet” (lines 10-12). When Gioia talked about greasing palms and feathering a nest, she was referring to how money drives Americans to continue working and how money provides a roof to live under. When Gioia talks about holding heads above water, she was referring to how money keeps from living a life of poverty. When relating this back to the American Dream, money keeps this dream alive and awake. Essentially, the author is stating that money is important in the American Dream because it drives Americans to live and to prosper. Those who make a lot of money are able to live joyfully and happily there entire lives without worry of going in debt or going into poverty. All in all, money is an important aspect that one must have in order to reach the American
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