Argument Essay: Paying Students For Good Grades

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“Do I need to do my homework?” is what a child says. Usually, parents respond, “Of course you need to!” People bribe kids to bring up their grades by handing them money. But, this will be where people move in the wrong direction. Paying kids for good grades is absolutely ludicrous and not a good idea as it does nothing but bribe the kids and they are just studying to receive money. Ordinarily, rewarding kids with money boosts their motivation, but once they realize they won’t earn money as much as schools use the money to make sure they have a copious amount of supplies, their motivation shoots from the sky all the way to the ground. Students will have lower academic performances in their future interviews and jobs. They should also render…show more content…
The source for this article is “Cash for Grades? Some Schools Give it a Try.” This is a quote from the article: “But while it might reignite kids’ motivation in the short term, we need to reinforce their intrinsic motivation to see lasting results,” according to Teneh Weller. This leads and interprets to kids not being focused enough on their education. Notwithstanding, the kids are just enthusiastic and pending for the money. In the short term, kids may inspire each other to earn good grades. But similarly, in the long term, this won’t last. The outcome of this is will be in the future years, when kids are older, this shows a characterization for kids going somewhere knowing they might not earn money. However, experts say that kids need to reinforce their motivation in the…show more content…
Accordingly, paying students for good grades lower self-esteem when they don’t succeed in what they desire to succeed in. When considering the choice of paying children for good grades to not paying kids, the choice should definitely be to not pay kids for good grades. Nevertheless, kids have lower academic performances, and rewards are given when the student actually deserves it. The students that want to obtain rewards is different from students who know they will earn the honors. Students shouldn’t obtain money for good grades, as in the long run, it will influence
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