Money For Morality Mary Arguelles Summary

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Annotated bibliography Arguelles, Mary. “Money for Morality.” Writing on the river.3rd ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2012. 50-52. Print. In Mary Arguelles “Money for Morality,” a column written in 1991 Arguelles examines humans and their needs for possessions over the felling of personal accomplishments. Arguelles believes that we should not give each other rewards for doing what should be considered morally correct. We should not be teaching young children that they get a treat every time they do something as simple as getting good grades, that the accomplishment of having your hard work pay off should be enough to satisfy the said child. The writer fears that we as a society have made it to where us humans only do the good deeds because of what we get in reward and not because were doing what any good hearted human should be doing. Children from a very early stage are taught that for doing something there already supposed to be doing they get a prize or gift, while potty training a lot of parents will bribe the kids with toys or treats if they successfully use the bathroom teaching kids that when they do something that their parents like they get something in return. Rewards can also be a…show more content…
“A Modest Proposal to Destroy Western Civilization as We Know It: The $100 Christmas.” Writing on the river. 3rd ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2012. 53-56. Print. “A Modest Proposal to Destroy Western Civilization as We Know It” a paper by Bill McKibben to give us insight about the lost holiday spirit. Christmas has always been a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate one and other but that has all changed due to the shopping and decorating. Mckibben believes that we need to return to our roots and agrees with his church that we should not spend more than a hundred dollars on Christmas, this includes food gifts, and decorations. The gifts themselves are home maid with love and the food is caught and cooked themselves not by the grocery store
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