Should People Get Their Extra Money Essay

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People work everyday from the time they are 16 until they are 60. Once they have retired, they deserve to have luxury and go on vacations. They have spent so much time making a living; once they can finally stop, they want to have fun with what is left of their lives. It would not be fair to make them give money away that they want to use for pleasure after so many years of working. Peter Singer believes that any extra money people have should be donated to people who are less fortunate; people can use their money for basic needs and give the rest away. Generally, Singer is incorrect in his belief; people should be able to choose what they do with the money that they have rightfully earned. People work extra hours and overtime for themselves…show more content…
According to The Atlantic, James Reynolds created organization claiming to be charities, mostly having to do with cancer. In reality, he “spent consumer donations on cars, trips, luxury cruises, college tuition, gym memberships, jet ski outings, sporting event and concert tickets, and dating site memberships.” Reynolds took advantage of people’s hearts and got them to donate money, which was used for his own luxury. If the money is going to be used for leisure, then it might as well be for the leisure of the person who earned the money. The possibility of people donating money to someone that is not going to use it for the less fortunate deters people from wanting to donate in the first place. With this added difficulty, people just decide that donating money is too much of a hassle. No one wants to search different charitable organizations to decide whom to give money to and determine if the money is going to a good cause or not. Money could be given away to people who do not deserve
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