Money In The Great Gatsby Essay

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What is more valuable, love or money? In the novel the ¨The Great Gatsby¨ written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, there is old and new money, Gatsby who is the main character in the novel comes from the side of new money. Gatsby finds out that his money can buy: a beautiful home, nice cars, friends, however; his wealth cannot buy the one thing that he wants most. Fitzgerald is conveying that money cannot buy certain things. Gatsby's rise and fall throughout the novel show that money isn't what makes a person happy. Fitzgerald is trying to convey throughout the novel that money can buy a person many of different things but cannot buy the one thing that Gatsby wants most of all. Upon deeper investigation, Gatsby is a wealthy person who is trying to win the love of a girl named Daisy and is using any means to do so. Gatsby buys a very large, beautiful, expensive house on the bay, has a new car, very nice pool and many other expensive things to try and win the love of Daisy. He will buy anything he can to win her over but in the end isn’t able to win Daisy over, even with all of …show more content…

He buys everything he can to make the past become a reality now but even with all of his money he can’t buy the one thing he truly needs to complete the past that he once had. Gatsby in the novel says, “Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!” (Gatsby Ch. 6). This is what allows readers to know that Gatsby from the begging of the novel has been trying to do everything he can to repeat the past that he once had with Daisy. Gatsby says this quote out of frustration because he doesn’t understand that the past can’t be changed even with all of the money that he has. Gatsby does everything from the beginning till the end of the novel to try and repeat the past but doesn’t understand that the past can’t be changed not even with all of the money in the

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