Why Is Money Necessary

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Money, which can be the root of all kinds of evil, is necessary. A specific form of money is almost always necessary to live in todays developed countries. Money is used to purchase needs such as food, water, heat, and clothing. It is not easy to live without money in the present. While money is useful and usually depended on for living, it can cause many issues. Imagine that one were to receive a sum of ten million dollars. Many people would be jealous, ask for money, or even try to claim it for themselves. After receiving the ten million dollars the individual is not happy, they usually want more, or make poor decisions with the money. The unfortunate truth is, studies and accounts of people winning the lottery, show this to be true. The love of…show more content…
Businesses and factories needed work. Business grew extremely quickly and had a very high demand for work. Many people were willing to work with the only requirement being, they got paid. At the start of the revolution, the workers were not concerned with working conditions, wages, or what they were doing for work. People cared about making money, not necessarily how much money they made. As time went on conditions, including pay, lessened because people began to lose their ability to bargain with large companies. People lost the ability to bargain because large masses of people were willing to work for almost nothing. People would work twelve to sixteen hours a day and receive eight to ten dollars a day for their work.
The workplace was not clean. There were no health or safety standards in the workplace. Many people contracted diseases from where they had worked and would frequently die from those diseases. The only lighting in most factories was from sunlight coming through windows, if there were windows. Factory smoke filled the inside of factories and workers would leave covered in soot. Machines would be dangerous, and many people would become injured or be killed from the
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