Money In William Hazlitt's On The Want Of Money

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The common moral of many well known stories is that money doesn 't not equate to happiness.You can live life without money and yet maintain a blissful life.In "On the want of money" however, an essay written by William Hazlitt, the author outright denounces this cliche idea and points to money as a key ingredient to a prosperous life.He claims that money is one 's life line to success in this materialistic world as without it, you will be subjected to the constraints of poverty and it 's harsh effects.Hazlitt builds on his argument of the necessity of money through his use of powerful diction,clever syntax through long repetition,logos, and an assertive tone.These rhetorical strategies and devices all serve to portray Hazlitt 's point that it is through money that one can ever hope to live a normal life in a world were money is the greatest influence. Hazlitt employs strong connotative diction to make the readers feel the effects of the lack of money.He gives insight to the…show more content…
Logos however can be seen all throughout the essay as the primary mode of argumentation.Hazlitt is attempting to use logic to sway the reader 's view on the importance of money.To succeed in this, Hazlitt uses a "Because,Therefore" approach in that he states the consequences of poverty because they don 't have money and suggests that therefore money should be of high value.He is using logical reasoning by using the poor as an example for why money is important.In the essay,the author states that "It is to pass life with no pleasure".Here he is claiming that being in poverty will deprive you of happiness hence the word pleasure.He is stating the problems with being poor such as being "neglected by friends","to be despised" , and "to live out of this world".With these problems ingrained into the readers mind,the author is trying to persuade the readers that if you want to avoid these consequences you should accept money as a necessary part of life or else you will end up in there
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