Money Is The Best Motivator Essay

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Money is a best motivator. Is it true?
Motivation is nothing but the reason for the particular behavior or action. Money is the best motivator in an organization. This statement seems to be very agreeable and default at the first instance. On the one hand a question raises that, Is it the same in all situations and organizations. Money of course is the important factor in motivating the employees or an organization. But there are many other factors which are involved in motivation. It is a bit complicated to decide which is the best among them. Let us in this essay consider various scenarios to analyze the factors of motivation.
Importance of money:
Money is a default motivator as it is measurable, tangible and fungible. Money is the basic need for survival. Money is very important because it provides the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, clothing, water, security etc. With money one
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Money of course is the major factor for the motivation but there are various other factor which are more important in motivating. Let us consider few important factors in short which are as important or more as money.
For example, according to the survey by Alison Griffiths journalist of metro Canada showed that 53 percent want to earn money and 32 percent open a business after retirement to earn more money, similarly 31.4 percent of Americans aged 65 to 69 still working for money which is easy to motivate with money. In general some people, money will not always be a motivating factor. Therefore importance of money will be reduces after certain stage in their life. So the motivation of money to those people will be motivates more. This is how money motivate different person mentality.
Time: Time is more valuable than money. One can earn more money but cannot get more time. Time passes quickly and giving ample time for the employees to let them do what they love motivates more than what money can
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