Money Talks In College Sports

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The phrase "money talks" is used a lot in The phrase “money talks” is a phrase used a lot in the world of sports. It is used as a persuasive argument in getting someone to do what he or she wants. This happens in all team sports, especially when drafting new talent to compete for a team. In this book, the author talks and explains how money affects athletes, team owners, and other industries into some sort of money trap. This is a big issue today in college sports. The NCAA thinks coaches are paying top ranked high school players to go play for their team. While others get caught some hide and disagree when suspected of such a thing. That is what makes this book interesting, seeing how things work inside these leagues. If you are one of those…show more content…
And what has this illusion done to us? Transformed us into "consumers."I want more, so I have to earn more, for which I've to work more, and since I have worked more, I deserve to want more. The athletes in this book think the exact same way. Baseball Strike of 1944, “Behind their walkout was a dispute with Major League management over their future earnings.”(DOL 15) This was one of the biggest Strikes in MLB history. The players wanted more money.Many fans outraged because the strike cancelled the games, even the World Series. Imagine being one of those fans, you would most likely try not to think about it but deep inside you would be wondering what is going on in the League. To players more money is just more money. It is not like they are going to get money and quit. They want to keep working and keep getting huge paychecks while doing something that they love. Money problems show in college too. Coaches want the best for their team and some will give anything for them. The rule in college is players”may not accept gifts or money from sports agents, booster clubs, alumni , or companies to make life easier.”(DOL 105) Playing in college is just like playing in the pros. The money college schools make from game tickets, tv broadcasting, and food concessions at their games is almost more than some pro games. They deserve the money because people are coming to watch them, not the team owners or the coach or the NCAA board. By reading this book you will find out why but the answer might shock
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