Mongol And Han Compare And Contrast

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Comparison and Contrast between Mongol and Han In china, there is a minority which is called “A growing nation on horseback”. It is the Mongol ethnic group. Maybe some of people believe that Mongolians disappeared as along with extinction of Mongol Empire, they still exist in China with a small proportion of population nowadays. In China, there is one main ethnic group which is the Han. Comparing to diverse Han group, Mongol is more unique because of its nomadic life style, traditional clothing, mysterious religion belief and customs. Their food, music and dance are also special since they are greatly affected by their living environment. Han is the majority group in China because Han people accounts for approximately 92% of China’s population. Its distribution is all over the China with the characteristic that the east China is dense and west China is sparse. Comparing to Han, Mongol people just accounts for 0.45% of China’s population. They are clustered in the inner Mongolia Autonomous…show more content…
The Mongols don’t live in apartments or houses. Their homes are called yurts. The yurts look strange in our eyes. But they are developed according to the Mongols’ requirement. For example, the yurts are designed to be portable because the Mongols are nomads. They do not live in a place permanently. So the portable yurts help them to build up and strike the yurts easily. The yurts are shaped like a half ball with a little peak at the top. It is designed to avoid the accumulation of the water at the top of the yurt. It is weird because it has no windows. The door always faces south which has the purpose of be less influenced by the Siberian cold current. The furnitures inside the yurt are always arranged in a certain way. So when you go inside into different yurts, their inside arrangement are almost the same. So the Mongols’ yurts are greatly impacted by their living style and
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