Mongol Culture Dbq Analysis

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The Mongols are perceived as a savage people who only wanted to surmount the world but in authentically they are not troglodytic. They are a misunderstood culture who have authentically done some commendable things like bringing other cultures and religions together without persecution.

In document A the Mongol imperium is shown at its height. During this time the imperium had surmounted 4,860,000 square miles of land. That is twice the amount of land Alexander the Great had surmounted at 2,180,000 square miles. No other imperium has come to that extreme size since the Mongols. The Mongols had to have great organization skills and adept armies to accomplish this feat. In Document C, Carpini expounds in his view how the Mongols were able to organize their armies. The way it was organized seems rigorous but during that duration military was the backbone of the Mongol civilization. Little to no mistakes could be made or the stability of the imperium would become unstable.

During the Mongol conquests millions of people were killed.
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Document N describes the main convivial customs of the Mongols. The Mongols seem to in some venerates give more rights to women than other cultures in that duration. Rashid ad-Din indites in the amassed chronicles ¨When a man goes out hunting or to war, his wife must maintain the household, so that the messenger or guest who dismounts there finds all in order and the wife is able to provide for him with good food and anything else they may require.” The Mongols lived in an environment where extreme sexism could not be abode or the tribes and clans who crumble. Genghis Khan valued his mother because she was the main role model in his life. Because the Mongols predicated their values on Genghis Khan's values they integrated. The Mongols are open minded to others and they can seem sometimes more advanced in their ways of convivial acceptance than other cultures during that
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