Mongol Empire Achievements

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Mongols were once an organized clans and ethnic groups from the Middle East that conquer many territories and rose into power by 1279. Mongols Empire politics were very strong and many achievements. Their economics have many opportunities with other countries. The Mongol’s system continues to follow most of the Chinese’s systems. In the social order, the Chinese and Mongols separate from one another. Mongols Empire’s political, social, economic, and religion have brought many achievements and improvements that most of China would accept the Mongols.
Mongol’s political were very much the same as the Chinese’s political system. But they were influenced by the Persian becoming predominant at court. They got rid of the Civil Service examination system in 1237 in the north and about forty years later in the south. The Mongols Empire’s political structure is Nomadic Empire. Mongols militarily is very strong because they
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When they before an Empire, it was very different from other dynasties before. Would I ever want to live as a Mongol or Chinese during the Mongols Empire? I would choose a life as an upper-class Mongolia woman, but not a mean one. I have learned about ancient china’s events and how women plays a role in China’s society.
Would living in Mongols Empire be easy and comfortable, or not? It can be an easy and comfortable living, but it all really depends on the social status the person is in. For me, I would rather be uneasy and uncomfortable because of their strict environment and atmosphere. Would Mongols Empire be harsh and unpredictable? Yes, many of the warriors have given their sons and daughters to slavery due to low wages, but the government stops the warriors from doing sending their kids to slavery by giving them more income. Overall, I do not see myself living there but only visiting as a merchant or a

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