Mongol Empire By Genghis Khan And The Making Of The Modern World Chapter Summary

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They established a revolutionary civilization wide system of legal rights and freedoms of religion. the newly interconnected globe that spread commerce and goods also spread disease such as the black death. The Mongol Empire had a uniform code of laws, ridding the steppes of theft, kidnapping and petty battles, establishing religious toleration and meritocracy. He united the Mongols under a core ethnic identity. With this unified identity they stopped battling each other over minor disagreements, and instead worked together under genghis khan 's leadership to conquer.
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World abolishes misconceptions about the Mongol Empire . He recognized diplomatic immunity, as well as creating a paper currency a systematic history
Thesis: Genghis Khan 's innovative style of warfare won him an empire twice as large as
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I enjoyed the book. I think it is important and helps people know more about an unfamiliar period in history. It was very well organized and engaging, Although the author sometimes goes into superfluous detail. I really enjoyed how connected the author was to Mongol culture, and impressed by the level of research he did. I would tell my friend to be prepared to be surprised by the Mongols accomplishments and how sophisticated their empire and culture was. U would also tell them that the author makes the book very engaging.
I would recommend this book to a friend.The easily understandable text and interesting subject matter made it an excellent read. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of Kublai Khan’s. court The Golden tree greatly impressed me. As with any book, the reader must look closely for potential bias.
The author, Jack Weatherford is not an actual historian, instead an anthropologist. He received awards such as the polar star, a mongolian so it is possible the Mongolian government influenced his work. As Jack Weatherford, the author, is a non Mongolian he may have misunderstood some Mongolian cultural

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