Mongol Empire Essay

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Alex Edwards
Block 7 4/4/15 Mongols A group of nomadic tribes in the Mongolian steppes become a strong barbaric power under the unification of one powerful leader. This group lead the conquests to create the largest land empire. The empire split into four Khanates permanently forging the modern political environment of today.The vast size doomed it to fragmentation. Each empire had a very distinct rise and fall of power. Chagatai, II-Khan, Golden Horde, and the Yuan dynasty with its fast military tactics created destruction and carnage across Asia and Eastern Europe. The societies helped forge the modern situation through political, religious, and military aspects forced ethnic groups to migrate in different areas.

The Mongolian
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It was the poorest and least influential out of the Khanates. Genghis Khan’s grandson Chagatai was in charge of this empire. After his death in 1242 this empire continued through the support of the Great Khan and didn’t achieve the independence of the other Khanates. Transoxiana was created as the capital of Chagatai that administrated the power down from the Great Khan. This ended under the rule of Alghu. Seized opportunity when a civil war broke out. He supported one side and then later gained allegiance to the Great Khan’s authorities. They seperated even further when Baruq exiled the governor’s of Kublai Khan. This angered supporters of the Golden Horde which lead to an attack on the Chagatyids. This on going conflict lead to the Chagatai Khanate losing power in Transoxiana to the much more powerful army of the Golden Horde. This struggle to lead to the independence of the Chagatai Khanate which was on the verge of crumbling. The main government moved to Turkestan and under the leadership of Timur strenghtened this Khanate through the conquering of cities in Iraq, Syria, and Baghdad. He even defeated the Turks at Angora. He died in 1405 leaving a strengthened Chagatai. His successes allowed nomadic tribes in Turkestan and were seen as true Mongols because it wasn’t run by
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