Mongol Empires And Ottoman Empire

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Throughout the course I have read a lot of about the empires. In this essay I will discuss the motives for spread of two empires; Mongol empires and Ottoman empires. My thesis statement for this essay is that both of these empires (Mongol empires and Ottoman empires) were having economic, exploratory; ethnocentric; political and religious reasons for their expansion.
The Ottoman Empire was an imperial state that was established in 1299 in the wake of growing out of the separate of a few Turkish tribes. The empire then developed to incorporate numerous zones in what is currently present-day Europe to and it in the end got to be one of the largest, most powerful and longest-enduring empires on the planet 's history. It had a most extreme range of 7.6 million square miles in 1595. The Ottoman Empire started to decline power in the eighteenth century yet a segment of its land got to be what Turkey is today. After some military defeats in the mid 1400s the Ottomans recovered their power under Muhammad I and in 1453 they caught Constantinople. The Ottoman Empire then entered its stature and what is known as the Period of Great Expansion, amid which time the empire came to incorporate the lands of more than ten diverse European and Middle Eastern states. It is trusted that the Ottoman Empire had the capacity grow so quickly in light of the fact that different nations were powerless and disorderly furthermore on the grounds that the Ottomans had propelled military association and

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