Mongols Being Barbaric Dbq

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The Mongols were a clan of people who showed their barbarism through inflicting ruthless fear tactics, killing hundred thousands of people, and living by a set of uncivilized rules and barbarous body of laws.

Mongols had countless ways of forcing fear not only on their enemies but among their own people as well. The Mongols number one method in ensuring that their people will stay in line is by threatening death upon them. If a few, in battle, flee from the enemy the entire group gets killed, unless they return back and in this case only the ones who originally fled are killed. If one or two from a group goes bravely towards the enemy, and others don’t follow, they are killed. Similarly, if some men in the troop are captured and if their fellow
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Theft is a law that the Mongol society takes seriously. Among Mongols there were very few to none robbers and thieves. Carts and houses don't have locks on them because people usually didn't steal and the hard punishment surrounding it (document 7). Document 7 shows that the Mongols are against stealing from each other yet document 4 shows an inconsistent with their morals. Document 4 says that the Mongols began to “slay and plunder” which means they began to kill and forcefully steal. This shows an inconsistency because the Mongols does not like their people to steal from each other yet they stole repeatedly from other people. Despite the Mongols dislike of having their items stolen from, they have no problem with stealing other men's wives. If a women has a husband and a Mongol man wants her, then he can’t have her. But if the Mongolian man wants the woman, he can have her only if he kills the woman’s husband (document 10). Document 10 displays the Mongols law on adultery and how they don’t mind killing someone in order to take what they want. This is especially barbaric because the Mongols used this whenever they saw something they wanted to take, as explained with document

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